I am a software designer, creator of the Pied Piper app and algorithm, and the protagonist in HBO's Silicon Valley.

I first moved to Silicon Valley to study computer science at Stanford. I left four credits shy of graduation to concentrate on my true passion: compressing data. I created Pied Piper to pursue that passion.

Today’s Web is dominated by Hooli and a handful of other tech companies that have built their fortunes tracking massive amounts of our data — photos, status updates, location check-ins, web cookies, and more.

So the question becomes: What do these tech companies do with all of this personal information? So as not to violate several NDAs I was forced to sign upon my exit from Hooli, I can only speak generally: It’s not pretty. They exploit your online activity and preferences for profit. They sell your data to advertisers. You become the product.

That’s why we at Pied Piper are building a decentralized internet.


Build a completely decentralized version of our current internet ( Imagine ! No spy, no regulation ... )

Our website :

See you soon !


Silicon Valley has officially been renewed for season 6 on HBO.


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